BestDealWay takes a commision of 1.5% + 0.50 USD for every job you create. It would coast 2.53 USD including all the create a job for 10 people that pays 0.20 per person.

Minimum withdrawal limit is $6. You can withdraw with Stripe.

We must collect fees in order to keep up a top-notch, round-the-clock platform with a fully staffed administrative team. Please consider our administrators members of your work team. To approve each work, rectify jobs, keep track of submitted tasks, and provide support services, we collect fees. $0.65 is the job approval charge. Both the worker and the company get charged 7% for works that are assessed as satisfactory.

  1. Complete a job with too many tasks.
  2. Click advertisements or pop-up windows, unlock a page, reload, and so on Play games or other activities to complete the necessary work.
  3. Spam or maliciously attack a website or person
  4. Promote violent or violent-related programmes or material
  5. Encourage illicit activity
  6. involve pornographic website resources
  7. Transfer funds among payment systems
  8. reveal private information (unless you select Leads)
  9. Use a credit card, provide bank account information, or pay with any other method.
  10. Become a member of websites that charge activation or membership fees.
  11. Sign up for a free 14-day trial or similar offers to run the risk of being forced to pay after the free period has passed.
  12. Make up false product or service testimonials or reviews. Any sponsored review or testimonial must make it abundantly obvious that the author has received payment and that the remark is still honest and factual based on personal experience.
  13. Moving of Money
  14. Any employment using Uphold, Upstox, Crewdle, Grammarly, Yelp, Craigslist, Google Adsense, Amazon, MTURK, AWSurveys, Piratebay, Google Voice, Coinbase, PayPal, buying up previous accounts.

Only tasks that meet business needs are paid for. For jobs that do not adhere to the specifications given in the assignment, BestDealWay does not charge a fee. Every job owner will have an opportunity to rate each assignment that is submitted.

At all times, employees must have a success rate of at least 75%. (Satisfied tasks). A high number of incomplete tasks will decrease a worker's success rate. A Worker cannot execute tasks for the next 30 days if their success rate is low.

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